Artisanal Nut Cheese and a Quickfire Challenge

The new year brought some new energy, a new list of goals, and an urge to completely make over the way we eat.

I’m sure many of you can relate.

With some gut issues popping up again, I thought it was high time I went back to the naturopath. I’d done such a great job avoiding the foods I was sensitive to, that my food sensitivities actually changed. Did you know that could happen? I sure didn’t! I can now have some grains (spelt, kamut, rye, etc) when before I was to avoid all of that. I still avoid wheat, but now I only have to avoid wheat.

*big sigh of relief*

As for dairy, well that’s still a no go, though I am nowhere near as sensitive to it as I was before. What great news, to realize that you can actually heal your gut and eventually re-introduce foods you could not touch before. I find animal milk somewhat aversive after being away from it for so long. I love nut milks. Cheese, however, is another story. I do love a great cheese so it’s nice to know that if I’m in the mood for cheese, or going out to dinner, a little dairy won’t hurt. I had tried faux cheese, made with nuts, but though it was good, it was not out of this world. However, I have recently tasted the BEST selection of cashew cheeses and I am obsessed.

Allow me please to take a moment to give a big SHOUT OUT to the amazing folks behind the delicious ZENGARRY ARTISANAL CASHEW CHEESE collection. I am addicted. I have tried their Raw Brie, Gruyère style with Cumin, Jalapeño “Cheddar”, Garlic & Fresh Herbs, Gruyère style, and one with sundried tomatoes I believe. I love that Lynda has a bunch of recipes that you can make with her products. Fondue, Mac & “cheese”… To drool over, seriously. Take a look at this picture, taken from their website. It’s the best nut cheese I’ve ever had.


Hubby and I were at a craft show, selling our roasted coffee, and I took a look at the other vendors. That is when I met Lynda and her daughter, sampled their products and started gushing praise immediately. I have since found their products in a store near my home. Woot  Woot! Life without dairy can be extraordinary.

Wow, I had no idea this post was going to be all about cheese that isn’t cheese. I think I’ll end on that note, and go wrestle up some dinner. On the menu tonight, sautéed garlic and oysters on a bed of Bok Choy. It’s kind of a quickfire challenge. You know, cupboards are pretty bare, not much in the fridge, so see what you can do with some staples. Voilà. If I could smother it in Zengarry Cashew Cheese, I would, but my stomach doth protest at that thought.


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