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It goes BUMP in the night

Last week, I was pretty sure I had strep throat. As a young kid, I had this ALL THE TIME. A visit to the doctor, a needle in the derrière, and the next day I was good to go. Those them were the days.

Though I am quite faithful to self care, I do admit to trying to fix things myself before heading to see a doctor.

Well wasn’t I surprised to see what I thought was strep throat disappear on its own in two days? I was quite happy and congratulated my little fighting  white cells since they seemed to be in top form.

Fast forward a week… I’m now sporting a large bump on the right side of my neck. A sore, swollen neck gland that is reminding me that the fight isn’t over. I’m pretty sure my system is being invaded by Candida. My scalp is so itchy I feared a lice infestation (no worries, it’s all good). My ears were so itchy I thought I may just scratch them off. My skin is so dry all over that I am smothering it in emu oil, shea butter and anything oily I can get my hands on.  Even my eyelids are dry and itchy. I will spare you the laundry list of ailments. Suffice it to say that yeast is a beast that I am battling right now.

Here’s what I have done so far.  For the last two days I’ve been drinking water & apple cider vinegar. But just now, I read that vinegar is something to avoid when you are battling candida. Up until yesterday I’ve been munching on kim chi and sauerkraut, but fermented foods are also a no-no when you’re yeasting. I’ve had spoonfuls of coconut oil, because that apparently pokes holes right in the little fungus’ sides. Take that yeast-beast! Lo and behold, I found some Caproil and that too is an effective hole poker.

What else can I do, folks? I’m a bit perplexed. Befuddled. Confused. I’m not the “typical” candidate for a yeast invasion. I have cut out sugar, hardly ever drink alcohol, rarely have bread (though I did have one slice every morning for the last 2 weeks), If you know a natural remedy that would help me with this battle, I would be most appreciative. yeastbeast credit for this drawing goes to… ?


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