Behind the menu


Matt and I met in the Summer of 2005. On our fourth date, we decided to have a picnic in a park.  We both contributed to the picnic but had decided, as part of the fun, to keep our dishes a secret from one another. Matt had prepared sushi while my main course involved fish sauce, green apples and cabbage. That date could have been a disaster, but instead, we realized we were most compatible !
We were married in 2007, adopted a couple of dogs, had a son in 2009 and though we haven’t enjoyed a picnic in a long time, we are still enjoying kitchen adventures (and each other!).

Due to my food sensitivities and my love of all animals big and small,  my meals are mostly plant based and often gluten free. Matt is a carnivore who enjoys my vegan dishes, but also enjoys making and devouring his kick-butt bbq pork ribs.
Making things from scratch not only helps to reduce our food budget but enhances the quality of the food we are eating. Why pay for it when you can make it yourself? You also know what is in the food you are eating. Win/Win.

In 2013, we launched a coffee roasting company called Barking Barista Coffee Roasters. It was an unexpected and unplanned venture, born out of Matt’s obsession with the science of roasting green coffee beans, our quest to have an excellent cup of coffee, and a passion to help dogs. We roast ethically sourced coffee and donate part of proceeds to help dogs in need.

Our son was diagnosed with autism on April 1st 2013. No joke. We were much relieved with this news, because it gave us answers we were ready to have. As far as his palate, it is limited and governed by texture, appearance, smell and familiarity. If it were up to him, he would eat cheese and bread at every meal. Unfortunately for him, his parents are into sprouting, dehydrating, brewing, fermenting, roasting, exploring, experimenting…with many successess and some epic fails. Our blog will surely mention Dominik and the joys and challenges he brings to the plate.

We hope you enjoy sharing our culinary adventures!

Chantal & Matt
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Matt cell 742


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