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Deprivation & Spicy Cauliflower Sauté 

In dog training, we talk about deprivation as a training concept. What the dog has been deprived of, he will work harder for. This does not mean being cruel of course. It just means that you may use beef to reinforce, but not at every training session. You may use exercise to manipulate deprivation. For example,… Continue reading Deprivation & Spicy Cauliflower Sauté 

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Bobby Bazini and Four Corners Lentil Soup

They go very well together. If you’ve never heard of Bobby Bazini, né Bobby Bazinet, google him. Bazinet is such a solid French Canadian last name… But I understand the need to be more marketable. He’s probably going to find himself in some weird situations now that his brother Kevin is an emerging talented musician.… Continue reading Bobby Bazini and Four Corners Lentil Soup


Bok choy and chickpea With cashews

I see people walking down the street carrying cross country skis. Still, I insist on making Spring inspired dishes. Tonight’s main attraction is the Bok Choy with Chickpeas and Cashews. First, toast 1/2 cup cashews. In some olive oil, sautée 1 tbsp grated ginger (1minute). Add 1tbsp Bragg Amino liquid and 1tbsp white wine vinegar,… Continue reading Bok choy and chickpea With cashews